EB 2, 3 de Alcanede is a public school with 360 students, from 5th to 9th grade, for students between 10 -15 years old. It makes part of the group of schools named Agrupamento Afonso Henriques. This group is attended by 1513 students spread over 16 kindergardens, 13 primary schools and EB Manuel I of Pernes from 5th and 9th grade, too. EB 2, 3 de Alcanede is situated in a rural area. The nearest town is Santarém, 30 km. Many of our students belong to a disadvantaged socio-cultural environment because our school is situated in an area far away from the big cities and cultural life. Unfortunately, the education of our children isn`t the first responsibility of their parents. Sometimes they need to be supported not only financially but also psychologically and encouraged to reflect themselves. This school has a considerable number of students from countries in Africa and Eastern Europe, with specific economic and educational needs. We believe that this kind of projects gives our pupils the opportunity to develop friendship with other European pupils, knowing different cultures and realities. EB 2,3 de Alcanede is situated in a rural area, in the Natural Park of Serra d'Aire e Candeeiros. It is characterized by the limestones, the caves, the fauna, the flora and dinosaur footprints (the largest and most  important worldwide orebody of sauropod dinosaur footprints from the middle Jurassic). The flora is diversified, such as the aromatic plants and the unusual flowers.

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