OZAROW MAZOWIECKI (Mazowieckie) - Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. Janusza Kusocińskiego

The Janusz Kusocinski Primary School was build in 1920. At first it was a small building near train station. After II world war in 1956 it was renovated and extend. In 2000 was given a modern school with gyms and swimming pool. Our patron is the Olympic medalist Janusz Kusociński, who was born and raised near Ożarów Mazowiecki, in Ołtarzew - now shows us the way, to always seek to and try to achieve our goals. In `80 people from this area were farmers. After 1989, when changed state policy, many people lost their jobs. This days our school is a growing and open to new challenges school near Warsaw. We take an active part in local art and poems competitions - we have a theater classes. Utmost importance to the sport - we have sports classes. We try to develop different skills all students, also from poorer families. Primary aim of school is a comprehensive and progressive development of children in age 9-13, according to individual capabilities. This development concerns the knowledge, skills and attitudes. The main target of project is to work together, to know better our languages, customs, traditions and beliefs.

POWERED by Antonio Mineo