The school is a medium-sized institution according to the national average, located about 50 kms from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Standard of living in our city is could say general. There are quite a lot of mobile workers who get working opportunities only in the capital. Some of our students dealing with the problems of missing or busy parents not having the chance to take many times with them. The unemployment rate is quite general in the village, it’s higher specially among gipsy population.The structure of our school allows our students to spend their afternoons in our day-care services. We have special expert for our children with special needs (8 %) dealing with problems of psychological dysfunctions like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or dysfunction of conduct.  The number of these children increases year after year. We also give educational advices to those not having so serious problems. A psychologist travels twice a week into our institution also to help our students’ special problems or needs.The social circumstances of the school are satisfactory, even it has financial problems during the past few years. The institute has a big P.E. stadion, an equipped computer room and professional art and craft rooms. In spite of these facts it has two big problems: the fluctuation and decreasing state assistant.  But staff and management tryes to do their best to give as appropriate education to their students as they can.

POWERED by Antonio Mineo