Lehmo School is located in the municipality of Kontiolahti in the eastern part of Finland near Russian border. Lehmo is a small country village with about 4000 inhabitants. Lehmo is located eight kilometers from Joensuu city. The special school for children with special needs called Kuusela School was independent and separate until summer 2009 when the new school premises were built in Lehmo. The 40-year-old Kuusela School and Lehmo primary school were combined on the 1st of August in 2009. Nowadays we have the following classes: thirteen primary school classes for grades 1-6, a special class for extended school attendance, two special classes for pupils with different kind of disabilities, six special classes for children with learning disabilities and two special classes for children with behavioral, emotional and social problems.There are around 365 pupils in the school and around 50 persons in the school staff.We are willing to start an international project. Our school has never before been a part of an international project. This Comenius project would be our first international project. We have had some international guests visiting our school and our pupils have been very enthusiastic to meet these international visitors. We would like to continue developing international work at our school. We would like to create international relationships between European schools and teachers and pupils. Getting to know new people through this project would increase the sense of community in our school and our pupils' perception of the world and understanding of different cultures.Through this project our pupils and teachers can use and improve their English language skills. This would be a good opportunity to our pupils with special educational needs to get to know other countries' cultures, languages and people. Cooperation inside our own school would be wider than before because this would be a new thing to work together for. Some families are poor and suffer from different kinds of problems.Finland as a country has four seasons of the year. Our part of the project would be about winter sports. We have a lot of snow in the winter and we have good winter sports facilities here. Our nature is pure and our wildlife is one of a kind. We could offer exotic winter experiences (skiing, ice skating, biathlon, ice fishing, having a sauna, plunging into the frozen lake) to the other partners of this project.

A report on Lehmo School
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