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    Daniela (sabato, 24 gennaio 2015 15:20)

    Bel progetto, interessante topic. Bei posti e bella gente. Complimenti per i video e le foto.

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    Matilde Casaca (sabato, 15 novembre 2014 18:51)

    A great opportunity to communicate in English accepting different cultures, habits and traditions. My pupils are enjoying this project very much! It is a great team!!!

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    Gurgu Daniela (mercoledì, 22 ottobre 2014 22:05)

    I am very happy because I'm part of this great project based on sportive activities . For me it is a new experience and I'm very pleased that I met new people with whom I communicated, we exchanged impressions and ideas, we felt very well together. The children from my country were are very excited to meet children from other country and to play sportive activities and speak in english. This project will help me in my career. A great team with great people!

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    Viorica (mercoledì, 22 ottobre 2014 18:52)

    I love this Comenius Project , because the students are meeting with different culture and they are speaking English.
    Il sito del projecto e bello e i bambino sono molto interessati di participare a questo projecto.
    Complimenti !

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    Cretu George (martedì, 21 ottobre 2014 20:58)

    Great project and great team! A very important project for me and for my profesional activity! I love to be part of this project! I apreciate everything and I hope to repeat this story!

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    Gülçin (lunedì, 29 settembre 2014 19:55)

    At first I want to thank you.It's a great experience for me and for our students. They had many friends from the other countries .They liked sportive activities . This project is very usefull for them and me also...I am very happy to join this project.

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    Nisanur (domenica, 14 settembre 2014 11:58)

    This project is very good. Different countries and different cultures are meeting at Comenius Project. I love Comenius Project and Comenius Team. For sportive activities, speaking English and learn cultures great... I love all teachers <3 Fortunelly I am at Comenius...

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    Roberta (sabato, 13 settembre 2014 23:16)

    Belle esperienze che tutti dovrebbero fare, alunni e insegnanti. Ma sappiamo che in Italia molte scuole non conoscono i progetti europei. Come sempre, siamo indietro... Questo mi sembra un progetto che coinvolge davvero gli alunni. Forse uno dei pochi che coinvolge i bambini della scuola primaria italiana. Complimenti Antonio per come stai coordinando a scuola il progetto. 10 e lode!

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    Elia (venerdì, 23 maggio 2014 21:16)

    Bel sito, bel progetto, bel partenariato, belle foto, bei video. GREAT PROJECT.

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    Rosa (mercoledì, 21 maggio 2014 17:53)

    Sono bellissime esperienze per i bambini che partecipano alle mobilità. Esperienze che fanno crescere. Questo è davvero un bel progetto che coinvolge tanto gli alunni che i docenti coinvolti. E il sito lo dimostra!

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    Elzbieta (giovedì, 17 aprile 2014 12:03)

    This project will have a big impact for the involved factors. Encourage and teach pupils how to work collaboratively with pupils from other countries. Great job, great partneship.

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    Mirko (martedì, 01 aprile 2014 16:27)

    Bel progetto e grande partenariato. Le immagini dicono tanto.

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    Lisa (venerdì, 14 marzo 2014 20:43)

    Hi. A really interesting project. beautiful pictures and beautiful video. Compliments.

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    Petronel (mercoledì, 12 marzo 2014 22:03)

    Good good good project, good job and perfect team. Well done!

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    HAPPY (venerdì, 07 marzo 2014 21:41)

    I am very happy to be part of this project! Antonio is a good coordinator and our parteners are the best!

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    Matilde Ferreira (giovedì, 06 marzo 2014 22:52)

    To be part of the Active Sportive Healthy European Youth Team is great! I love this project and this team!

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    Özcan (giovedì, 06 marzo 2014 22:12)

    Good project. I love sports and this project is useful to introduce the students to sports activities without any diversity of ethnicity.

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